Maurizio & Luisa (Ca’ d’Alfieri)

Fiery Adventures at Ca’ d’Alfieri, Italy

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Bach Flusskrebs

Right behind, a creek runs through, providing handy and cost-efficient greenhouse watering. The water is so fresh and clean that crawfish are living here. Maurizio reaches underneath a rock and pulls one out to show it to us. I was already thinking of catching some and cooking up a nice Louisiana-style crawfish etouffee. But Maurizio told us that these critters are a protected species. That’s OK, as there are not too many places left where you find crawfish here, as they need top-quality water, which the chile plants also seem to appreciate.

Glückliche Ziegen Glückliche Hühner Ei Ei!

The farm animals also are living a happy life at Ca’ d’Alfieri. The relaxing goats provide milk for various goat cheeses, joined by cheerful chickens that are rewarding Luisa with plenty of eggs every day.

Glückliche Schwarzschweine Glückliche Schwarzschweine Herr Schwarzschwein

Even the pigs are lucky here. Maurizio and Luisa are growing “Parmesan Black” pigs, an ancient landrace that some farmers in the region have rediscovered. It is well known for its superior meat quality, which is improved by the pigs’ happy lifestyle—at Ca’ d’Alfieri, they enjoy free ranging in 2.5 acres of woods, fields, and marshland. The piglets are allowed to grow up with their mothers, and ” the boss” still takes care of family affairs himself (above he’s taking his daily mud bath). One day, of course, even the nicest pig life will come to a sudden end—but until then, these animals are happy campers.

From from the Fields…

Maurizzios Ernte Chilis

Harvest time. On a late summer afternoon, Maurizio returns from the fields with all sorts of produce loaded on his tractor. There’s also a couple of crates with Tropical Red Habaneros that he grows and processes for Pepperworld. These will be turned into a tasty and potent pepper puree.

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