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Media Mangles Report: Capsaicin Does Not Cause Skin Cancer

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DeWitt went on to say that “most studies using mice apply or inject 100 times what a human would use, so even the most “innocuous” things—when taken or applied at great concentrations—would be unhealthful. Coffee is a classic example of being “proven” to be healthful one day and dangerous the next, and this has been going on for 40-some years. Readers should always use the principle of Occam’s Razor: usually the simplest explanation is the most accurate.  And scientific procedure requires not only that tests be replicated, but that other studies must confirm the conclusions.”

Dr. Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University, had this to say about scientific studies in the media: “…it serves to illustrate the ignorance of many wire service stories that deal with science. The preliminary research report did not unequivocally support the conclusion that chilis cause cancer.” He went on to say that “Chili is a nutritious and healthy food that might even have anti-cancer properties. Studies by the National Academy of Science and evidence from other epidemiological studies indicate that the higher intake of carotene and vitamin A may reduce the risk of cancer.”

Chili Peppers are Safe
The bottom line is this: no scientific study has ever proven a link between chili peppers and cancer. In fact, many studies indicate that chili peppers can actually kill cancer cells and that consumption of peppers has many health benefits. So slap some more green chili on your cheeseburger, but if somebody hands you a plate of mice marinated in toxic chemicals, don’t throw ‘em on the barbie.

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