Ted Nugent: Hunter, Gatherer, Griller (and Guitar Legend)

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By Molly Wales Ted Nugent rocks.  Ted Nugent hunts.  Ted Nugent fights relentlessly in support of the Second Amendment.  He has received praise from President Bush and Tom Ridge, amongst others, for being “a good man” and exemplifying “the founding principles of this great nation.”  He writes without regard for traditional spelling.  He eats squirrel.  And he, much to the …

Joe Perry Performing

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry: Diary of a Rock Star Cover Photo Shoot

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By Dave DeWitt This is the story of how Fiery Foods & BBQ magazine managed to get Aerosmith’s Joe Perry to pose for the cover of the magazine, which became our January/February, 2004 issue. Here are the major players, in the order of their appearance: David Ashley, manufacturer of Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce Dave DeWitt, …

Red vs. Green: The Chile Grill-Off on

Red vs. Green: The Chile Grill-Off on “BBQ with Bobby Flay”

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by Dave DeWitt (Photos by Molly Wales) Recipes: Chuletas de Cerdo en Chile Rojo, Estilo Cervantes Grilled Green Chile-Stuffed Pepper Steaks Wrapped in Bacon It’s called the “set-up,” the underlying theme of an appearance on a cooking show like “BBQ with Bobby Flay.” And since the official State Question of New Mexico is “Red or Green?” it made perfect sense …