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Media Mangles Report: Capsaicin Does Not Cause Skin Cancer

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Media Mangles Report: Study Shows Capsaicin Does Not Cause Skin Cancer By Lois Manno Editor’s note: the spelling of ‘chili’ is used instead of ‘chile’ because the scientific study used this form of the word. Findings Given a Frightening SpinA study in the journal Cancer Research appears to link capsaicin, a component of chili peppers, to skin cancer. This is …

Fiery Facials

Fiery Facials

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by Kelli Bergthold Cockroaches, caviar, chocolate, mud, sheets of gold leaf, beer…no, this is not an exotic menu for a wealthy, albeit twisted, cocktail party. These are just a few of the bizarre remedies women have used to achieve flawless skin. For thousands of years, we have been persuaded to slather on purees and compotes containing ingredients one might find …

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Hot and Healthy Chile Peppers

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By Sharon Palmer, RD Looking for a hot way to stay healthy? Just munch on chile peppers, nature’s favorite spicy health food. Chiles dish up more than merely a zesty explosion for the palate; they are packed with nutrients that have scientists buzzing. Both health experts and chefs have known for years that chile peppers – chopped, pureed, ground, canned, …

The Bogus Chile Pepper Cancer Scare

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By Mark Preston and Paul W. Bosland Editor’s Note: (First published in October, 1994) Let’s put this absurdity to rest right now. Despite all the mass media hype and paranoia, there is not one bit of credible evidence linking chile peppers with causing any type of cancer.  Period. Remember the (disproved) cranberry cancer scandal, the alar in apples fraud, and …

Do Men Prefer Fiery-Foods More Than Women Do?

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By Dave DeWitt  I have uncovered a study that seems to support what many people believe: That “men tend to have a stronger preference than women for spicy, hot foods.” This conclusion, along with “men are more likely than women to seek unusual and new foods,” results from a study done in 1988 by Drs. Thomas R. Alley and W. …