My First Habanero

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By Stu Burns; Photos by Norman Johnson   People often ask me how I reached the pinnacle of pepperdom and, after an indulgent chuckle, I take a sip from my perfectly pungent Bloody Maria and retell the oft-told tale of my passionate indulgence. I used to be a normal guy, owner of the Snoozing Pines Trailer Park and the kinda …

Blast from the Past

Almost Busted

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  Almost Busted by Dave DeWitt (Note: This article originally appeared in the July/August, 1995 issue of Chile Pepper magazine. I have slightly expanded it.) Back in our March/April, 1991 issue, indoor chile grower Cap Farmer warned that the use of high-intensity discharge (HID) grow lamps could possibly bring a visit from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), but I thought …

How Moms Inadvertently Caused America’s Obesity Crisis and Created My Diet Plan

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How Moms Inadvertently CausedAmerica’s Obesity Crisis andCreated My Diet Plan An Opinion Piece by Dave DeWitt First off, I am not being sexist and I am not against motherhood. My mother was a caring, understanding, loving person, but she said it, too: “Finish everything on your plate or you can’t leave the table.” How long has this craziness been going …

Confessions of a Chile Addict

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By Stu Burns   Hello, my name is Stu Burns, and I’m a chile addict. I place the blame for my addiction squarely upon the genes and tongues of my parents. Hot pepper abuse ran rampant in the household where I grew up, in the tiny border town of Salsa Cruda, Texas. It was nothing for Mom and Pop to …

Romancing the Sauce, by Bob Slentz-Kesler

Romancing the Sauce

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    I am a hot sauce addict. I can never get enough. I’ll eat hot sauce anywhere, at any time of the day. I am easy, and I can’t help it. I spend many daylight hours fantasizing and daydreaming, imagining various scenarios with different types of hot sauce. Over the years, though, I’ve learned to control myself. It was …