Borneo’s Forest Food

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  Borneo’s Forest Food Article and Location Photos by Victor Paul Borg       Recipes: Steamed Red Snapper with SpicesDeep Fried Fish in Pineapple and Tomato SauceBamboo Shoots in Spices,Wild Mushrooms in Spices and Dried AnchovieBarking Deer in Curry Masala         They need half an hour to gather the food in the forest for our dinner,” …

Emma Jean Cervantes

The Cayenne Trail

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The Cayenne Trail     By David G. Jackson Emma Jean Cervantes stands at the edge of the field of red and green cayenne peppers in the Mesilla Valley of New Mexico. She watches as harvesters, some of whom have worked for her family for many years, gather the shining red peppers and place them in hoppers for transportation to …

Thailand’s Dark Side of the Fork

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By Benjamin Rush Editor’s Note: Warning–Don’t read this if you’ve recently eaten or are planning to eat anything ever again. Thai food has taken the world by storm, regularly voted the favorite ethnic food in prestigious Zagat surveys around the world. Today most metropolitan foreigners are ardently familiar with Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and Green Curry. Yet there is …

Spicy Singapore

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Spicy Singapore Story and Photos by Austin Bush   Is there a better place in the world to eat than Singapore? Consider the variety: from Malay laksa to southern Indian curries, a diverse smattering of Chinese cuisines (Hokkien, Teo Chiew, Cantonese), the obscure Baba-Nyonya (a fusion of Chinese and Malay styles) and Eurasian cuisines, Singapore is a virtual microcosm of …

Sichuan Pepper

The Tongue-Numbing “Flower Pepper” of Sichuan Province

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The Tongue-Numbing “Flower Pepper” of Sichuan Province by Kimberly Dukes   In Chengdu, the capital of China’s Sichuan Province, eating is often more than just food. Huoguo, or “hot pot,” restaurants, for example, are an experience. They often open at dusk and close long after midnight, tables spilling out onto the dark sidewalk. Hot pot isn’t a solitary activity–the more …