A Peri-Peri Good Time: Spiced-Up South Africa

A Peri-Peri Good Time: Spiced Up South Africa

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Story by Dave DeWitt Photos by Dave DeWitt and Mary Jane Wilan Recipes by Rochelle Schaetzl and Nancy Gerlach Recipes: Peri Q Sweet and Sticky Chicken Wings Roasted Reds Tomato and Vodka Soup Ricotta Gnocchi with Nando’s Roasted Reds and Wilted Spinach Casserole Peri Peri Nutty Chicken Whisky Maple Pear and Peri Peri Ice Cream Chile peppers lured us to …

The Habaneros of Yucatán

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Habanero Growing Systems Article and Photos by Dr. Tomas Gonzalez Estrada Edited by Dave DeWitt Editor’s Note: Dr. Gonzalez is a researcher and habanero breeder at the Scientific Research Center of Yucatán (CICY) in the city of Merida. The center, in addition to habanero research, investigates and improves the cultivation of other crops as well, including coconuts, coffee, bananas, and …


The Scotch Bonnet Peppers of Jamaica

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Jamaica is almost as famous for its fiery Scotch bonnet peppers (which are rated as hotter than most habaneros) as it is for Reggae music and sports. Rarely will you find a Jamaican cooking without some of this pepper. Most often used on jerk chicken or pork, peppered shrimp, peppered steak and patties (a meat-filled pie), Scotch bonnet is the …