Currywurst platter with sauce, curry powder garnish, and french fries, at Scharfrichter, Bremen

The Cult of Currywurst

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Story and Photos by Sharon Hudgins What could be more German than Currywurst: chunks of sausage slathered with a sauce based on the same ingredients as Anglo-American tomato ketchup spiced up with English Worcestershire sauce, Hungarian paprika, and Indian-inspired curry powder (by way of Britain), served with French fries on the side? And now some Germans have added another multicultural …

Healthiest Ethnic Foods To Boost Your Thinking

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The impressive growth that the ethnic food market in the UK is recording each year is mainly triggered by the matter of authenticity, one of the key drivers in the market. The relationship between the food sector and the retail sector is a powerful one, with restaurant dishes and home delivery venues bringing a huge contribution to this very same …

Dinner on the Diner, Trans-Siberian Style

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Story and Photos by Sharon Hudgins The Golden Eagle train en route across Siberia. Trans-Siberian railroad station restaurant around 1900. If you’ve ever eaten on the dining car of a train, you know that dinner on the diner can range from dismal to delightful. But who would ever think of taking a Trans-Siberian train nearly 6,000 miles across Russia for …

Ristras for Sale, Old Town c. 1951

Albuquerque’s Food History is All About Chiles

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By Dave DeWitt Above: Ristras for Sale, Old Town c. 1951 With the green chile harvest in full swing in the southern part of the state, it’s time to take a look at how chile peppers have influenced the cuisine of the Duke City. Even before Fabian Garcia, a researcher at what is now New Mexico State University, began to …