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Avocado Madness!

Dave DeWitt Cooking with Chiles, Fired-Up Fruits, In the Kitchen with Chile Peppers Leave a Comment

by Dave DeWitt Don’t believe all those people who tell you avocado is a vegetable, because it’s not.  It’s a fruit just like mangos, pears, tomatoes, chiles, and apples.  It just happens to pair well with some vegetables like lettuce, especially in salads, so that’s why people think it’s a veggie.  It’s one of my favorite fruits, along with mangos …

Super Summer Salsas

Fiery Foods Manager Making Salsa and Hot Sauce Leave a Comment

Editor’s Note:  This is an excerpt from editor Gywneth Doland’s book, Seductive Salsa, published in 2007. For thousands of years, Mesoamerican cooks have been grinding together chiles and tomatoes in rough stone mortars and today, salsa remains a part of every meal in Mexico, enlivening eggs at breakfast, fish tacos at lunch and hearty soups at dinner. In the past …