Old Map of Ceylon, Now Sri Lanka

Customs, Cultivations, and Curries of Ceylon, 1860-1891

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Observations on the Cuisine of Ceylon, by James Emerson Tennent, 1860 The domestic economy of the great body of the Singhalese, who inhabit Colombo and the other towns of the island, is of the simplest and most inexpensive character. In a climate, whose chief requirement is protection from heat, their dwellings are as little encumbered with furniture as their persons …

Market in Sumatra selling curry ingredients

Curries in Sumatra, 1784

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By William Marsden From: The History of Sumatra: containing an account of the government, laws, customs and manners of the native inhabitants, with a description of the natural productions, and a relation of the ancient political state of that island. London: Thomas Payne & Son, 1784. Image: Market in Sumatra Selling Curry Ingredients Although the Sumatrans live, in a great …

A World of Curries: The Curries of the U.K. and the Raj Reversed

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By Dave DeWitt Recipes: Eggs Baked in Curry Sauce;Mulligatawny Soup;Lamb in Cashew Nut Curry; Chicken Tikka Massala; Mixed Vegetable Korma; Meat with Balti Curry Sauce While England was helping to spread curries around the globe through colonization and emigration, it was slowly becoming the curry capital of the world after India.  How ironic for a country supposedly known for its bland foods! A …

A World of Curries: Accompaniments to Curry Dishes

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By Dave DeWitt Recipes: Coconut Milk Rice Saffron Rice Cucumber Salad with Yogurt Spicy Indian Salad Mango and Coconut Chutney Apple and Raisin Chutney Naan Chapatti   And what dishes should be served with the curries in this series?  Most curries are served with some form of rice, and plain white rice is an excellent accompaniment to most curries.  I …

A World of Curries: Caribbean Curries

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by Dave DeWitt Recipes: Curried Pholourie Pumpkin- Curry Soup Jamaican Curry Goat Pork Colombo from Martinique Curried Chicken and Rotis Trinidadian Curried Lobster    Although curries in some form appear in the cuisines of most of the Caribbean, they are particularly prevalent in the countries where the East Indian population is the greatest: Jamaica, Martinique, and Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). …