Pepper-Pot for Breakfast in Maroon Country, 1862

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By Captain Mayne Reid Editor’s Note: The Maroons were escaped slaves in Jamaica who hid in the infamous cockpit country of jungles and sinkholes. The Maroons were famously known for inventing jerk pork, but they also liked their spicy pepper-pot soup.   “This white gentleman has not eaten breakfast,” said Cubina, as they came up. “Well, Quaco! What have the …

Old Marketplace

Hot Peppers of Martinique, 1887

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By Lafcadio Hearn Old Marketplace of the Fort, St. Pierre, Martinique Pimento is an essential accompaniment to all these dishes, whether it be cooked or raw: everything is served with plenty of pimento,—en pile, eti pile piment. Among the various kinds I can mention only the pimmt-cafe, or “coffee-pepper,” larger but about the same shape as a grain of Liberian …

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Rebuilding Haiti One Pepper at a Time: Bel Soley Hot Sauce

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Written by Kelli Bergthold Food shots by Wes NamanFarm and hot sauce images courtesy Bel Soley Starting a business in the best of circumstances can be difficult; starting one in the wake of a major natural disaster can be nearly impossible. When the now-infamous 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti’s capital of Port au Prince on January 12, 2010, the entire …