Officers by John Burke, 1879

Curry-Making [Made Complicated]

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Curry-Making [Made Complicated] Editor’s Note: I added the extension in the title because that’s exactly what this long-winded, poorly- organized, and overly-complicated demonstration is.  But it’s also funny, in a British sort of way.  Curry was all the rage in England post-Raj, and many Brits thought that they could spread it to the States.  But the culture in the former …

Old Map of Ceylon, Now Sri Lanka

Customs, Cultivations, and Curries of Ceylon, 1860-1891

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Observations on the Cuisine of Ceylon, by James Emerson Tennent, 1860 The domestic economy of the great body of the Singhalese, who inhabit Colombo and the other towns of the island, is of the simplest and most inexpensive character. In a climate, whose chief requirement is protection from heat, their dwellings are as little encumbered with furniture as their persons …

A tempting dessert sampler.

Paris in India in London

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Story by Dave DeWitt Food photos by Tony Le Duc Recipes: Cassoulet de Fruits de Mer (Curried Seafood Stew) Poulet Rouge (Chicken in a Creamy Red Sauce) Onion Sauce Goan Pork Vindaloo Mirichi ka Salan (Mild Chiles in a Nutty Sauce) Yelemecam Sadam (Lime Rice)   Pat Chapman, the King of Curries and England’s foremost authority on Indian cuisine, had …

A World of Curries: The Curry Pantry

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By Dave DeWitt Note: This is a glossary of the most common ingredients in world curries. I have eliminated some of the more common foods that are curried, such as meats, seafood, fruits, and vegetables, and have concentrated on herbs, spices, seasonings, flavorings, and unusual condiments. Ajowan (Carum copticum).  Called “Bishop’s weed” in some parts of Africa, it is a hairy …