Cover of Tropical Cooking

Panamanian Cookery, 1947

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By Dave DeWitt Gladys Graham self-published her cookbook, Tropical Cooking, in the Panama Canal Zone, then a U.S. possession, in 1947. It is a surprisingly comprehensive survey of cooking in the zone with 130 pages of recipes with ingredients ranging from avocado to vulture. She wrote of visiting local markets in her introduction. “Here are counters with avocados, mangos looking …

The Cliffs at Todos Santos

A Ponga, Some Yellowtails, and Mexican Sashimi

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There was no dock and no fancy yacht. The tackle was old and weather-beaten. But this was real fishing, not a tourist trip from a resort. We were fishing with fourth-generation professionals off the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur at the town of Todos Santos. I was joined by Chef Dany Lamote of the Hotel California, an avid fisherman …

Chiles Drying on Adobe House

Historical and Hysterical Reactions to Eating Chile

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Edited by Dave DeWitt   The men of this rancho had all gone to the war and the house was full of women, who made supper for us all. We were twelve in number. We had tortillas, frijoles, and carne seca, stewed up, with chile Colorado. My readers may translate these terms for themselves. To me, it was all very …

Ice Cream Penguin

Paletas (Mexican Frozen Fruit Bars)

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By Nancy Gerlach, Food Editor Emeritus The Ice Cream Penguin selling paletas at the beach The summer season here in Chelem Puerto, Mexico is officially over and what a crazy past few months it’s been. Our normally quiet and deserted beach was invaded by hordes of Mexican families that came to escape the heat and humidity of Merida and other …