Memphis Ribs

Fired-Up American BBQ Classics

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 by Dave DeWitt and Nancy Gerlach Memphis Baby Back Ribs Memphis Rib Rub Memphis-Style Finishing Sauce Kansas City Long Ends Kansas City Dry Rub Kansas City-Style Barbecue Sauce Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Coleslaw North Carolina Barbecue Sauce South Carolina Mustard Sauce Southern Hot Links Texas Beef Brisket New Mexico-Style Brisket Basting Sauce  Memphis Ribs – Photo by Harald Zoschke …


Dr. BBQ’s Halloween Barbecue Feast

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By Dr. BBQ, Ray Lampe Halloween is the best holiday of the year for people who like to cross-dress and beg. I must admit that while I’ve participated in many counter-culture activities, cross-dressing has never made the list, even on Halloween. It might be because there just aren’t any good dresses in my size. Most people have no idea what …

Brisket: The King of Texas BBQ

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By Mike Stines, Ph.B. Food historians disagree how brisket became the staple for Texas barbecue. Some say the cattle barons didn’t want to feed the cowhands expensive cuts of meat so brisket — a cut of meat from the lower chest — was the meat of choice. Chuck wagon cooks in the 1800s learned that long, low temperature cooking over …

Does Sauce Make It Barbecue?

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  Some barbecue purists argue true barbecue doesn’t need sauce because the smoked meat and the herb and spice rub that is added before cooking provide more than enough flavor. Others say it is the sauce that makes barbecue great. One thing is for sure: There are as many barbecue sauces as there are backyard grill masters and each cook …

Smoked and Fired-Up Prime Rib: Five Meals from One Roast

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by Dave DeWitt Prime rib of beef is my favorite cut of meat, period. When I was growing up in the ’50s, my mother Barbara roasted it on special occasions–always on Christmas Day–and she was a master roaster. In those days, most home cooks ruined their roasts by overcooking them, but not my mom. Rare or medium-rare was her standard, …