Boar’s Heads for Dinner, Gander-Pulling, and Other Odd Christmas Celebrations of Old

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Collected by Dave DeWitt In England the Yule-log, the boar’s head and the wassail bowl were in olden time the features of the festival. The first-named was a huge log of oak, decked with holly wreaths and mistletoe. At Christmas it was dragged into the great hall by all the members of the household, the merriest of them, dubbed the …

Bison is the most American (and one of the healthiest) of BBQ meats

Grilling Wild Game, From Rabbits to Reindeer

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Story and Photographs by Rick Browne, Ph.B. As with any cooking style worth its salt (or BBQ rub, as it were), changes are inevitable if that style is to survive and grow and maintain its popularity. And that’s why barbecue grillers are expanding what they cook (i.e.: burgers, hot dogs and ribs) to include more exotic fare, cooking up bison, …