Bison is the most American (and one of the healthiest) of BBQ meats

Grilling Wild Game, From Rabbits to Reindeer

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Story and Photographs by Rick Browne, Ph.B. As with any cooking style worth its salt (or BBQ rub, as it were), changes are inevitable if that style is to survive and grow and maintain its popularity. And that’s why barbecue grillers are expanding what they cook (i.e.: burgers, hot dogs and ribs) to include more exotic fare, cooking up bison, …

Kobe: The Best Beef You’ve Never Tasted

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By Gwyneth Doland Most people have never heard of Kobe beef. Those vaguely familiar with the stuff may have heard stories of cattle treated like rich ladies on vacation: getting gentle massages while listening to soothing music, having exfoliating sake scrubs, and drinking beer all afternoon. Why in the world would anyone bother to pamper cattle like that? Because the …

guinea fowl

Pheasant, Ostrich, Quail and Guinea Fowl, Oh My!

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  Exotic Poultry Makes Great Eating Article and Food Photos by Mike Stines, Ph.B. It all tastes like chicken! That’s a common response when someone asks what “exotic” poultry tastes like. The truth is that Guinea fowl, pheasant, quail and especially ostrich don’t taste like chicken, at least not a lot like chicken. When Dave DeWitt asked me to prepare …

Exotic Meats: A Safari for the Stomach

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by Gwyneth Doland It’s funny that 100 years ago, these meats would hardly have qualified as “exotic,” but as beef, pork and chicken have come to dominate our diet, other, traditional meats have been forgotten. But over the past few years there’s been a surge in the popularity of meats like elk, wild boar, kangaroo and alligator. Although most of …