Boar Hunt, Jamaica, c. 1870

Jamaica: A Brief History of Jerk Pork

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Edited by Dave DeWitt Editor’s Note: Mostly using the incredible resource of Google Books, I’ve compiled a chronological history of jerk pork from primary sources. Also, in early Jamaica, a “barbecue” was also a flat surface, usually made of stone or paved, where coffee beans, ginger root, and pimento berries were air-dried. “Jamaican pigs were far better tasting, more nourishing, …

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“Cookin’ Jerk on de Barbacoa, Mon!”

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  “Cookin’ Jerk on de Barbacoa, Mon!” Jamaica—a tiny, but proud jewel in the center of the Caribbean. It was once the home of Christopher Columbus’ family estate, and, of much importance to BBQ aficionados, the birthplace of the word “barbecue.” The word “barbecue” is believed by many to have evolved from the Taino Indian word barbacoa, meaning a simple …

Jerk Chicken being Grilled

A Wonderful World of Barbecue

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Story and Photos by Rick Browne, Ph.B. Editor’s Note: Rick is now Director of Product Reviews for the BBQ website It is the largest BBQ-related website in the world, with over 1,000 pages of information on the science and art of BBQ, (heavy on the science and technical aspects), and last year received 34,000,000 impressions. Their Pitmasters Club has currently 15,000 paid …

A chef at Cafe Veronica cooking at a grill jammed with meats and peppers.

In Asado Heaven

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Story and Photos by Rick Browne, Ph.B.   Recipes: Asado Short Ribs Chimichurri Sauce Grilled Veal Steaks with Olive-Tomato Relish Beef Empanadas I think I found Asado Heaven. You see, in Uruguay asado means barbecue, so here I discovered the most incredible assemblage of asado eateries in the galaxy. And I found it in perhaps the most unlikely spot you can imagine: an old …

Brazilian Gaucho Barbecue

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by Marcelo Lima Food photographs courtesy of Manual do Churrasco Magazine Brazil is a huge country with many different heritages. Much like Americans, the Brazilian people are the sum of all the immigrants that moved in since these lands were discovered on April 22, 1500 (there’s a little controversy on this date, but it’s close enough). There seems to be …