Spicy - North Coast Jerk Pork

North Coast Jerk Pork

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The Jamaican jerk cooks use a technique of cooking best described as “smoke-grilling.” it combines the direct heat of grilling with smoke produced by fresh pimento leaves and branches. While grilling, the meat is often covered with a piece of corrugated aluminum to keep the heat and smoke contained. This method can be approximated by using a weber-type barbecue with …

Trinidad Scorpion

Development of Superhot Chile Peppers in Trinidad and Tobago

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By Dave DeWitt Author’s Note:  This is a work in progress, so comments would be appreciated. Updated 2/19/2016 Background The species Capsicum chinense spread throughout the Caribbean basin in prehistoric times, carried by indigenous people via boat from the Amazon basin to what is now Venezuela to Trinidad, and then through the Lesser Antilles to the Greater Antilles, and finally …

Boar Hunt, Jamaica, c. 1870

Jamaica: A Brief History of Jerk Pork

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Edited by Dave DeWitt Editor’s Note: Mostly using the incredible resource of Google Books, I’ve compiled a chronological history of jerk pork from primary sources. Also, in early Jamaica, a “barbecue” was also a flat surface, usually made of stone or paved, where coffee beans, ginger root, and pimento berries were air-dried. “Jamaican pigs were far better tasting, more nourishing, …

Carnival Foods of the Caribbean

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By Dave DeWitt To truly appreciate the foods eaten in the Caribbean, whether at carnival time or not, one has to know a little about the history of carnival and the foods of the Caribbean. History of Caribbean Carnival Carnivals are a regular event in most if not all Caribbean islands, and many carnivals are a major tourist attraction. It …

How to Make Hot Sauces

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By Dave DeWitt and Chuck Evans Recipes: Homemade Tabasco®-Style Sauce Keeping “Pace®” with Picante Sauces “Hotter Than Heinz®” Ketchup Caribbean Sun-of-a Beach Hot Pepper Sauce Chuck’s Chipotle Sauce Transplanted Sriracha Sauce Editor’s Note: One question that is asked over and over again in email to us is: “How do I make hot sauce?” Well, Chuck Evans and I wrote an …