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Trinidad Scorpion or Trinidad 7 Pot? Both!

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Text and Photos ©2010 by Jim Duffy, I grow the hardest-to-find strains of rare hot chiles and any chile I grow for seed is isolated on one of 23 different properties in San Diego county. I have been growing the Trinidad superhots now for 3 years, trying to get the develop the best strains I can. After all that …

Pepper producer from China's westernmost region of Xinjiang, adding local flair through traditional costume - and internationality by offering Pasilla peppers

China and the World – of Chile Peppers

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By Gerald Schmidt At left: Bigger definitely is better – another company presented peppers grown from its (hybrid) seed in these impressive rows. Chinese tomatoes in Italian pasta sauces, Chinese peppers on the Mexican market—the whole world is connected, and it seems that China is at the center of it all. Coming out of more than a century in which …

How to Order Enchiladas in Santa Fe

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By Dave DeWitt Illustration by Lois Manno Recipes:   Machaca Shredded Beef Classic New Mexico Red Chile Sauce The Enchiladas Picture this: you’re sitting in a typical New Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe. There are red ristras on the wall, the smell of roasting chiles in the air, the traditional melody of “I Shot the Sheriff” by Bob Marley blasting from …

How to Cook with the Superhot Chiles

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By Dave DeWitt This superhot kitchen situation is not for the faint of hearth! Over the past few years we’ve seen a dramatic escalation in the heat levels of certain varieties of the species Capsicum chinense, those fiery habanero relatives. When I got started in the fiery foods biz more than two decades ago, the orange habanero was king of …